Freelance Writer vs Content Service in 10 Rounds


Writing great website and business copy isn't child's play.

When you hire a content service, you don't get the experience of a professional freelance copywriter.

 Boxing’s a big thing in our house. It seems that every Saturday the week’s recorded bouts are playing on the television. Sometimes, I hang out with my husband and watch the matches with him. Mostly, though, my mind wanders as I’m enjoying a lazy Saturday afternoon. Last weekend, my wandering mind imagined a boxing match between a freelance writer and a content service. Here’s how it went.

Round One:

The match begins when you need content fast. Take out your wallet because if you are commissioning a content service, you have to prepay–without a contract–for copy that hasn’t been written yet. While some freelancer copywriters will require a down payment on services, especially if the job is big, every professional freelancer will provide a contract complete with deadlines so that you have peace of mind.

Round Two:

The content service just threw your calendar out the window. When you commission a content service, you don’t know when your copy will be written or when a writer will choose your job from a pool of hundreds. Even if a writer picks your job up, if the writer doesn’t follow through, it goes back in the pool. When you hire a freelance content writer, you get a professional who knows the value of making deadlines.

Round Three:

You’re going green, but not in a good way. You’re not saving trees or yourself headaches because writers at a content service are inexperienced. From misplaced commas to missed deadlines, amateur writers are learning at your expense. A professional writer, who knows both writing and business, will deliver excellent writing and great service.

Round Four:

Your brand is taking a beating. You don’t get to meet or even talk on the phone with the writer at the content service. The person writing the copy that will represent you and your business to the world will have no idea about you, your mission, or maybe even your business. When you hire a freelance copywriter, you’ll get to talk to a real person who can turn your passion for your business into compelling copy that converts readers into consumers.

Round Five:

You have entered the virtual void, and yeah, it’s just about as scary as the Twilight Zone. In our technological age, there is no shortage of impersonal service. Content services are no exception. When you hire a freelance writer, you get a real person whom you can count on for future projects, giving your copy a consistent voice.

Round Six:

Get out your editor’s hat. As if you don’t already wear enough hats as a small business owner, you’ll get to serve as the editor when you hire a content service. Many of these services make edits difficult. Often you have to choose between living with what you got or tossing your job back into the pool, if you have any choice at all. When you hire a professional copywriter, reasonable edits are often included in the contract. From start to finish, a professional web copy writer will work hard to give you what you want.

Round Seven:

Where in the world is [insert your business here]? Just like Waldo, you may be hard to find by those looking for your services. Copy that is optimized for getting you found on the Internet isn’t only essential, it’s an art. Google wants articles that are written for the reader, not just the algorithms. When you hire a Grand Rapids Michigan freelance writer (awkward, isn’t it?), you get copy that is optimized and readable. Because whether you are in Boise, Idaho or Grand Rapids, Michigan, a freelance writer (more graceful, wouldn’t you say?) will write copy that will get you found on the Internet without sounding like a robot’s homework assignment.

Round Eight:

You’re getting one piece of the puzzle. When you hire a content service, you’re only getting articles. What about your social media marketing efforts? Your Facebook posts and tweets have to be just as compelling and consistent as your copy. A professional freelance content writer who knows about social media marketing can handle these multiple outlets to give you the best results.

Round Nine:

Quality rises to the top, especially after Google’s recent algorithm change. It’s tough to get that kind of quality from a content service writer who needs to whip out ten articles a day to pay the bills. When you hire a freelance copywriter, you get well-researched, quality articles without a middleman’s markup.

Round Ten:

Cheap content has a hidden price. Okay, so you can get articles more cheaply from a content service. But will those articles do their job? Any money you invest in your website and other copywriting has one goal: to help you convert readers into customers. Would you rather pay less for nothing or a little more for results?


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