The Google Update Most Likely to Affect Your Website


Fresh content on your website will bear the most fruit for your SEO campaign.

Fresh content on your website will bear the most fruit for your SEO campaign.

 Google announced a major algorithm change that will affect 35 percent of searches. Earlier this month, Google announced that it has released an algorithm change that will impact even more sites than the infamous Panda update earlier this year. Despite the big change, this recent update hasn’t received the media attention that earned previous updates cool or snuggly names like “Caffeine” and “Panda.” All the same, chances are, this nameless algorithm can get your page to the top of results or push it to the bottom of the pile.

The update focuses on fresh content. Whether the search is for recent events, hot topics, recurring events or just information that changes frequently, websites that have fresh content will get a big boost in ratings.

What Does Google’s Recent Change Mean for You?

Whatever your product or industry, if it changes and grows, you need fresh content on your site to get Google’s attention. A blog is a great way to frequently add new content to your site. If you already have a blog that is separate from your website, consider combining the two into one site.

How Much Do You Have to Update You Blog?

While it’s hard to say yet how often you have to update your blog with quality copywriting, some experts are already saying daily. I think it mostly depends on how often information is being updated about your industry. It’s more important that ever to maintain a weekly blog update, but most blogs will likely benefit most from updates three or more times a week. As always, figure out what your competitors are doing and one-up them.

But, remember, when it comes to the Internet, your competitors are millions of other sites. Enter your primary keywords in Google search with quotes around them. Then take a look at the first page of results. Determine how often those sites are being updated and then update yours with quality copywriting more often.

Quality Copywriting Still Counts

I know it’s a lot more work to update your blog multiple times a week. Nevertheless, keep your eye on quality writing. Make sure your posts are relevant to your readers and continuously try to engage them in the conversation.

You don’t need a million bucks to market your business online, and when you do it right, you get better results than any other medium. Marketing and copywriting online is work, work, work. But when you make a plan complete with goals and a schedule, the work gets a lot easier. What are your biggest obstacles to updating a blog regularly?


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