Four Facebook Do’s and Don’ts

Think of Facebook as a potluck gathering.

Think of Facebook as a friendly and generous potluck gathering.

We’ve all seen inappropriate Facebook posts. Sometimes, the faux pas is blushingly obvious. Other times, a post may just make us feel uncomfortable and leave us vaguely wondering if the poster just crossed into poor netiquette. Below are four do’s and don’ts of Facebook posts.

1. Don’t be negative. Mom always said, “If you can’t say anything nice . . .” This tried and true etiquette advice is just as important when networking online. Whether you feel like ranting about the service at a restaurant or just complaining about your rotten morning, exercise your will and refrain from making a negative Facebook post.

Do be positive. Practicing appropriate netiquette will exercise your positive thinking muscles. When you think positively, you lower your stress hormones and people like you more. So, finding the good in every situation and posting it on Facebook will make you healthier and improve your relationships with family, friends and customers.

2. Don’t engage in Facebook fights. We all know this one—and we’ve probably all been guilty—and it can’t be said enough. Facebook fights turn nasty and sever relationships, often permanently.

Do take a stand against cyber-bullying. We all want to come to the aid of a loved one who has been attacked via Facebook. The best way to do so is to post a positive statement about that person or create a post that makes a stand against online bullying.

3. Don’t be cliquish. Think of Facebook as an ongoing potluck because there probably isn’t a more friendly gathering than a potluck. Practice the same spirit of generosity on Facebook. Don’t allude to inside jokes or ignore comments from people who aren’t in your inner circle.

Do love your Facebook neighbor. Be the type of person who always has something kind or encouraging to say. Potential customers will see you as someone pleasant to work with.

4. Don’t be salesy. In today’s marketplace, it’s more important than ever to build relationships as a means to build your business. Customers have been bombarded with impersonal service from big corporations. You’ll stand apart by putting relationships before sales.

Do crow a little. When something goes great for you or your business, write a humble Facebook post and don’t forget to thank the people who helped you along the way.

Have you noticed a recurring theme? All of these do’s and don’ts interweave your personal and professional life. Remember that anything you post online does the same. With the advent of social media, customers and employers know more about our personal lives than ever before. Your job is be authentic while putting your best self online.



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2 responses to “Four Facebook Do’s and Don’ts

  1. Always remember that whatever you post online will remain in cyberspace forever, even it you try to delete it. Comments can be copied and sent elsewhere without your knowledge, posted on other websites and even used against you by a competitor or jealous person seeking revenge for some incident.

    FB is now being used by many professionals, but unfortunately for some, they lapse into overly casual conversations that should have only been reserved for direct communications.

    • Mandy - Michigan Freelance Writer

      Very true, Linda. Setting up a Google alert for your own name or business name will help you monitor your online reputation. Many companies are even performing online checks as part of their hiring practices.

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