How To Write Your Website’s Home Page

A freelance writer can help you write copy for your website's home page that sells.

You’ve created your site. It’s got a great design. The graphics look good. Your photograph ain’t bad either.

But there’s no text. Or the text that’s there isn’t getting the results you want.

And you don’t know where to begin.

Hey, I know that getting that first page of copy written is tough. What should you say? How long should it be? Will it look professional?

The uncertainty can leave you frozen and leave your readers cold.

The spring thaw and the beautiful weather makes this freelance writer think the time is right to get your website’s home page copy flowing in the right direction.

Your Readers Are There For One Reason

They have a problem, and they are looking for someone (whom you want to be you) to solve it. That’s why you start your home page copy demonstrating that you understand the reader’s problem.

You do this with an appropriately empathetic statement.

If you’re a handyman, you might start with something like “Do you have too many home projects to tackle yourself? Does your bathroom need renovating but you don’t know the first thing about tiling or plumbing? Are you looking for one professional who can do it all?”

Your opening statement needs to tell the reader that he has found a business that can help him solve his problem.

With your opening statement, you’ve told the client that you understand and can solve his problem. Now you have to prove it to him. You do this by addressing, one by one, his potential objections.

Build Your Reader’s Trust

It’s tough to know from a website who’s legit.

That’s why your company needs a face. Here is a good place to state how long you’ve been in business or your credentials.

Give your name and a little information about you. But don’t use up too much space. Remember that the bulk of your bio will go on your “About Me” page. Here is a good place to state how long you’ve been in business or your credentials.

Know What Holds Readers Back

Your industry determines your readers’ obstacles. If you are a handyman, readers may be concerned about your reputation. If you are a freelance writer, prospects want to know that you’ll take the time to learn their business. If you are a roofer, readers may want to know about your warranty.

A freelance writer can help you identify these reader objections and address them in a compelling way.

Call To Action

Your web copy ends with a call to action.

Remember that readers are still afraid to commit. Don’t write something like, “Call me to remodel your bathroom.”

They also want to know you’re confident. So don’t write, “If this sounds like something that might appeal to you, call me.”

Write a call to action that is safe, friendly and confident, like “Call me so that we can discuss all the great ways my writing can boost your sales.”


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