Bust Your Excuses for Not Maintaining a Blog

You may already know businesses with active blogs generate 67 percent more leads per month. You aren’t surprised to hear that blogging on your business website gets you found on search engines or that most consumers begin their product and company searches online. You also know blogging increases your trustworthiness in a saturated market.

You know the great reasons to maintain a business blog, so why aren’t you doing it?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you don’t blog because you don’t like to write, you think your writing sucks, or you don’t know how to write an effective blog post.

Excuse Buster #1: You hate writing.

Chances are you don’t hate writing as much as you hate the red marks that cluttered your papers and what those red marks said about you.

I used to hate math. The red marks I received in school led me to believe that I wasn’t any good at it. It only took a couple of overdraft fees to realize my ironclad definition as an arithmetic dunce was adversely affecting my life. When I began paying more attention to my checkbook register, I realized that my false self-perceptions were keeping me from doing a very simple thing.

Now, I run a freelance writing business and use math all the time. As a business owner, don’t you write letters, emails or contracts? You probably didn’t think of any of these as writing. Instead, you regard them necessary activities for success. So it is with blogging.

Excuse Buster #2: Your writing sucks.

You don’t need to be Hemingway or even a professional freelance writer to write an effective blog post any more than I need to be Isaac Newton to balance my checkbook.

Your readers are there for your expertise. Most are forgiving regarding your prose. That being said, there are some things you can do to keep subpar writing from detracting from your message.

1. Use an online grammar and spellcheck. The checks that come with your word processing program aren’t as thorough as these free online checkers.

2. Use an active voice. Active voice puts the doer at the beginning of the sentence. For example, “You wrote the effective blog post” instead of “The effective blog post was written by you.”

3. Use a conversational style. Sometimes, a blogger will consult a thesaurus and use awkward words to sound like a professional freelance writer. Readers want to get to know you, not their dictionaries.

Excuse Buster #3: You don’t know jack about writing an effective blog post.

If you know your customers, then you know how to write an effective blog post. What questions are you answering for your clients? How are you helping your clients with their struggles? How are you educating your clients when you are talking to them?

Do all those same things on your blog.

Every client or customer interaction should give you at least one good idea for an informative blog post.

A good blog brings the best of you—your knowledge, services and products—to the masses. You’re already mastering the art of interacting with clients. Bring what you learn to your blog as well.

Clearly, a blog on your website is a great, inexpensive marketing tool. What are your excuses for not maintaining your blog?


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