Bones of a Blog Post

ImageHalloween is approaching and you might think that writing a blog post for your small business is scarier than your neighbor who dresses up as a clown to pass out candy. It isn’t. Clowns are much, much scarier. Let me put at least one of your fears to rest and show you what makes up the skeleton of a blog post.


Like a grave marker, subheadings let you know what lies beneath. The term “blog reader” is an oxymoron. They’re more like skimmers.

People who come to your blog are looking for a nugget of information and subheadings help them find it. This is especially true if they arrive via search engines.

Subheadings also help readers gauge the quality of your information quickly before they invest more time reading.

Small Paragraphs

Reading on a screen is a lot different than reading on paper. If you glance away, it’s tough to find your spot again.

It’s like getting lost in a forest haunted by a vengeful witch. Don’t scare your readers. Make it easy for them to navigate your post.

Advertisements, links, even message notifications, all vie for your readers’ eyes. Small paragraphs make place-holding easier.

Short Sentences

The meaning of a short sentence is clear. Long sentences are tiresome to read, especially on a computer screen.

If you’re a vengeful villain with a clawed glove residing in your victims’ dream world, then by all means, put your readers to sleep with convoluted sentences.

Keep your sentences simple and short if you want your readers to survive to become steady clients.

Have you noticed a pattern yet? A good blog post is easy to read.

Not easy as in “I don’t respect your intelligence.” Easy as in “I do respect your time.”

We all have less of it these days. The more skillfully you can pack valuable information into an easy-to-read format, the more your blog will take off.


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