Can You Trust Your SEO Provider to Hire a Great Freelance Writer?

WWWYou already know how important your website is to your business. Nearly 80 percent of Internet users look online for information about anything they are buying before opening their wallets.

In fact, your respect for the World Wide Web is the reason you hired a cracker-jack team of SEO specialists. These Google wizards are responsible for getting your site found by your future customers.

But Google loves quality content and how do you know the freelance web writer your SEO provider hires is up to the task?

Bargain-Basement Web Writers:

-Write boring headlines. Readers can smell boredom, and they find it about as appetizing as spoiled milk. One look at the headline, and they don’t open the link.

-Use keywords awkwardly. Remember the first time you gave a speech? Whether it was in grade school or a meeting room, it was probably painful, for you and your listeners. Fledgling writers are as graceless in their use of keywords.

-Use dull language. You don’t want your website to read like an earnings report. Bargain-basement writers don’t use interesting words and they don’t vary their sentence structure. In short, bargain-basement writers don’t keep readers hooked.

-Use unreliable sources. What if that statistic is from your competitor’s website? Or worse, what if it’s old or misstated? If your website states inaccurate information, you will lose your trustworthiness.

There are countless advantages of working with a professional freelance web writer. Here are a few.

A professional copywriter will:

-Entice readers with their headlines. They ask questions. And those questions go deep to the place where their client’s worries are keeping them awake at night, sabotaging their success, speaking to their fears. Clients just gotta read that post about fixing their mistakes, making the best decision in impossible scenarios and preventing disaster. Yeah, a professional freelance writer gets that.

-Weaves a compelling story. We all have enough reports to read. A professional freelance writer wields words with panache. They’re interesting, intriguing, entertaining. Your blog posts become more than web crawler food. They become a forum of ideas, a welcome diversion, a café of brain food.

-Will work with you to convey your brand’s message. You’re better than your competitors. A professional freelance copywriter will get to the heart of why that is and incorporate it into your website’s copy. She’ll talk to you about your company’s vision. She’ll research your industry. She’ll look at your competition. The result is copy that relates your awesome glory in stunning detail for your readers.

-Will be the voice of consistency. When your website is finished and keywords are chosen, you’ll need a professional freelance writer to write quality blog posts to keep your page at the top of search results. When it’s time to write a brochure or a white paper, that same freelance writer can write copy that is consistent with your other marketing pieces. With a professional freelance copywriter waiting in the wings, your company’s copy will never suffer from an identity crisis.

You wouldn’t let your accountant hire your sales manager. Why let your SEO or marketing firm hire your freelance writer? Don’t leave the written face of your company to a hack. A professional copywriter is an essential part of your marketing team. She’ll help you define your brand, convey your message and make you an authority in your industry.


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