About Me

I’m Mandy, and I’m gung ho about writing.

As a freelance copywriter, I love helping businesses connect with their customers.

It isn’t just about slapping up keywords and embedded commands. Sure, I know and use all those professional copywriting techniques that elevate a couple of decent paragraphs into marketing powerhouses to increase your profits. I’m into good grammar and strong verbs. Like any writer worth her salt, I’m darn opinionated about the oxford comma.

But you want to know what I really love? I love getting to know you and your company’s story, then translating that story into copy that speaks to the core of your clients’ needs and desires.

I’ve got a thing for bridges, and I guess that’s because I see a lot of people struggle to communicate what they really mean. I see my writing as that bridge connecting you and your business to the people with the problems only you can solve. You and I know you solve them great. Let my writing spread the word.

Okay, by now you know I’m an unabashed word nerd. But I’m more than just the pretty prose I write.

I’ve been married for twenty-some-odd years, and I’m trying to talk my husband into living full-time in our travel trailer. I have two nearly grown daughters who are definitely glad Mom’s dream of homeschooling them on the open road with campground showers and a dinette-turned-bed never materialized. And I have a 12-year-old German shepherd who happens to agree with me that close quarters and constant togetherness would be the bee’s knees.

Now it’s your turn. Give me a call. Tell me all about what you do. We can talk about how great copywriting can transform those silent masses into enthusiastic customers. Or we can talk about road trips. I happen to love chintzy roadside attractions…