About Me

A lifelong journal keeper, unofficial letter-writer for friends and family, and the gal after whom no one wanted to read aloud their own paper in college. These days, I’m traveling the path to which all these signs pointed: freelance writing.

Businesses, like people, have a story to tell. So that’s what I do. I seek out the thing that makes your business shine. Then I tell the world about it.

The result is business copy that bridges the gap between what you want to tell and what the reader sees. The result is business communication that builds trust, credibility and identity. The result is a message that helps you fulfill your vision for your business.

And when I’m not working my magic with words, I haphazardly jog with my dog. I treasure my role as a mom to two beautiful teenage daughters. And I’m thankful for the guy who loves me, even though I can’t for the life of me keep up with laundry or the weeds in the flower bed.